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Delivery times and prices for shirts

Displays times and prices for
Zone Delivery time Delivery cost Country
1 16-20 working days 15,00 € Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
2 16-20 working days 18,00 € UK, Italy, Spain
3 16-20 working days 22,00 € Austria, Denmark, Irland et Portugal
4 16-20 working days 24,00 € Finlande, Norway, Sweden et Switzerland, Açores, Madeira, Canary
5 18-22 working days 28,00 € Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia
6 18-22 working days 30,00 € Other countires of Europe and est of North africa
7 18-22 working days 32,00 € USA, Canada, Africa. et Middle east
8 18-22 working days 35,00 € America outside USA and canada, Asia et Oceania
9 18-22 working days 17,00 € French overseas (administrative) department. DOM (Guadeloupe, Martinique, R?union, Guyane, Mayotte and St Pierre et Miquelon)
10 18-22 working days 24,00 € French overseas (administrative) department. TOM ( french polynesia, les Iles Wallis et Futuna)

     Please note that all our delivery prices are package prices. They are not modified by the amount of products that you buy so if you order one, two or ten products the delivery price will be the same.
    You will be charged for the most expensive product if you order more than one product.

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